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Training Programme

We have developed an elearning training programme to enable employees to effectively manage their new working environment - a hybrid working model of part office/part home with the least amount of disruption.


The Online Training Modules are designed to improve the knowledge base for Employees to determine how to be successful at hybrid work including:


Module 1- Introduction

  • Understanding Hybrid Training-what is hybrid work?

  • Various hybrid systems and how I can relate to them?

  • Is hybrid work right for me?

  • Am I an employee or a contract worker?

  • Proposing hybrid work to my employer.


Module 2- Getting Started

  • Setting up a home office, space, equipment, technology, time.

  • What work is best done from home, versus in the office?

  • Do meetings need to be face-to-face or can all or some be electronic?  

  • Online Meeting Etiquette

  • Work home life balance-setting boundaries.

  • Overcoming isolation.

  • Setting work and personal goals.

  • Planning your work at home and at the office.

  • Good communication is the key.


Module 3- Good and Open Communications

  • Exceeding my supervisor’s expectations.

  • Daily, weekly, project updates.

  • Dealing with setbacks, workplace bullying, mis-understandings, and conflict.

  • Timely task completion.

  • Recognition, trust, and feedback loops.


Module 4- Serving Client and Company Needs

  • Determining needs.

  • Testing assumptions.

  • Listening to understand and communicating to be understood.

  • Personal evaluation and supervisor evaluation


Module 5- Personal Advancement

  • Setting and managing expectations.

  • Visibility.

  • Teamwork.

  • Networking in a hybrid environment

  • Volunteering and asking for the ball.

  • Productive self-promotion.

  • Determining what’s next for me.


The training is presented in a series of self-contained online modules that can be taken individually, until the training is completed. Each module will address a specific topic. 


By having the training distributed through a series of self-contained modules participants will be able to access the information in a time-sensitive manner that fits their individual time constraints. The online programme allows the participants to spread the learning over a number of sessions.


Upon completion of the entire series a participant will be able to access and print a certificate showing that they have successfully completed the training.


To access the Training Programme register to receive your User Name/Password.


If, after taking the Self-Assessments and the Training Programme you feel you wish further in-depth training we are compiling a seris of external providers 


You will need to conclude the training provision directly with each Provider.

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